Thursday, March 3, 2011


I would like to thank my wife Michelle for her love, support and for her understanding with my obsession with balloons and entertaining. To my newborn son Carter, who drives me to excel in business and has improved my life. My parents, Ed and Diana Obrochta, who have encourage me to go for my dreams and support me in all my efforts to achieve those dreams. My in-laws, Ron and Kris Langlois who have accepted me into their family like their own child.

The Editors Kevin B and Faye, whose editing skills kept me on track, corrected my spelling and helped make this book what it is. The entertainment community, who has supported, encouraged and challenges me to better my skills as an entertainer and businessperson..

I thank you all!

Since I have started this journey some 5 years ago, life has toss me some curves balls with the loss of my parents Ed and Diana, but also has blessed me with my second son Wyatt. With life settling back to a new normal level, I pursue the completion of this book.

Blueprint on:
How to Succeed in Restaurant Entertainment

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