Thursday, May 24, 2012

To-Go Flier Cost

We are going to assume that cost is an issue and we only going to make 101 copies.  We could make 100 copies, but I have learned that price breaks for coping drop over 100.  By adding 1 copy you can reduce coping price as much as $0.10 a copy.  Check with your local copier to find out what the price break structure.

Let’s produce 101 fliers at a cost of $0.39 a color copy. Three dollars a cut; each flier requires three cuts. Cut one vertically divides the two columns, cuts 2 & 3 are horizontal cuts separating the to-go fliers. Cost = (101 X $0.39) + (3 X $3.00), total $48.39 + tax. For simplicity I will round the total to $50.00. Six hundred and six to-go fliers produced, each flier will cost $0.08.  Comparing the price of producing a to-go flier to the cost of one 260 balloon (bought after shipping and tax) is cheap advertising.

In only weeks, the restaurant would have attached 606 fliers to all the to-go orders. The entertainer pays nothing for labor cost or stapling cost. The reward for producing the to-go flier is… every carry out customers and local businesses now have an opportunity to learn about your entertainment service through the to-go flier. You could not have reached these potential customers without the help of the restaurant.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Developing a To-Go Flier

The goal in creating a to-go flier is to make a flier that is interesting, colorful and large enough to get the vital information across.  You want people to remove the to-go flier form the order and read it. Remember this is an advertisement for the restaurant and you.

I choose to use a 2 x 3 gird layout.  This would be large enough to place a season balloon sculpture, large text, week day & time of entertainment, restaurant name, website address and telephone number.  I would develop this material myself and take it to a local printer for quick color coping. I wanted color so it would be interesting and give customers something to read while eating. I would have the printer cut the flier to the proper size.  I learned it was more efficient to have the printer cut the filers. Cost was $2.00 per cut, but they were ready to distribute ASAP.