Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brochure Pictures, Show them Action

For example, begin with what the pictures do in general; Clowns should have a current headshot on the brochure.  This gives management an idea if “Dimples” is male or female, what their costume looks like, and helps them develop a better idea of what management will be hiring.  All other entertainers consider using an action shot of you performing in or at restaurant with kids.  The key to the picture is not the entertainer, but the reaction of the audience in the picture. Select pictures that show bewilderment, appreciation, surprise, happiness, fun or warmth.  Go for the Hallmark card look. Will you have to create a picture like this? Yes! That’s what Hallmark does and so do large advertising agencies.  You have to create that special picture that will sell your restaurant entertainment service.

Scripted pictures will help impress management and make a lasting impression in their head.  So choose your pictures wisely and make them appropriate for the brochure.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brochure, the Content is Restaurant Entertainment Only

If the brochure is for restaurant entertainment, it is important that you only present key sales information that deals with restaurant entertainment.  The goal is to highlight key points that will make it easy for management to understand the service you are providing.

Content should have bullets, pictures, descriptive text and testimonials from past restaurants and customers.  The goal is to show benefits to the restaurant, so leave out all ego statements.  Managers are not interested in awards. Their concerns are how you are going to retain customers and bring in new clients to their establishments.

If producing a tri-fold brochure, use only one panel to highlight other services.  The goal is to make the brochure 95-100% information about restaurant entertainment.  This restaurant brochure is for the solo purpose of acquiring new restaurants not advertising other services.