Thursday, August 18, 2011

Provide Samples

As an entertainer, our goal is to impress the client.  You tend to show them your best trick, coolest face painting, or a complicated balloon design. This is a major mistake.  What you want to show them is what you will be doing at the restaurant.  Face Painters: show off artwork that is efficient and quick. Magicians: you are not bringing live animals or cutting people in half. Demonstrate real magic tricks that you will be doing at the table.  Show them your entertainment skills, not expensive gimmick tricks.  Balloon entertainers: understand that a ten-minute balloon of a Mickey Mouse will not work if you are trying to turnover tables.  Show your versatility by twisting different designs for different holidays.  What management sees in the sales presentation or brochure is what they expect you to do in their restaurant.

When I approached my Friday night restaurant, I presented the owner with a Bugs Bunny balloon. He looked at me and said “You’re going to make this complicated of a balloon for my customers?”  I said “Yes, this is my standard work”.  The owner was not accustomed to seeing the work an accomplished balloon entertainer. I worked with this restaurant for eight years and he was never disappointed in my work.

As a restaurant entertainer you need to know your limits.  Only show what you can do quickly and efficiently and leave the other stuff for clients who are paying for that service.  Never short-change your restaurant by skimping on your service, but understand what is achievable in that environment.

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