Thursday, September 15, 2011

Price Reduction

Trial nights do not have to be free. You can offer your service for a reduced rate. Rate reduction is a one time event and you let management knows right up front.  In your brochure, provide an introductory coupon that reads “50% OFF on Restaurant Entertainment”, but add a disclaimer that this restaurant entertainment, not valid or transferable and is not valid for birthday, anniversary, grand opening or holiday parties and is only one hour. Trial time is determined by entertainer’s availability. Introductory discount is for restaurant entertainment only.

When presenting a reduced price to management, make sure they understand that they are receiving a special introductory rate and the nightly price is XX dollars a night. Otherwise, tricky managers, will try to negotiate lower prices. It is critical that everyone understands your entertainment price structure. Make management aware that your restaurant entertainment rate is different for your private/corporate event rates. If the restaurant would like to hire you for an event other then restaurant entertainment, a higher entertainment rates will be charged.

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