Thursday, April 12, 2012

Become Part of the Advertisements

Entertainers need to be alert because opportunities arise and they simply overlook opportunities at restaurants. My Thursday night restaurant was reprinting their menus and I suggested they add me to the activity page.

Many restaurants have a simple plastic insert that allows management to add a specials or holiday events into the standard menu. I suggested they consider having an insert page incorporated into the new menu design.  The owners, wanting to save cost, decided to advertise my services directly back of the menu.  This was more than I expected, but will take the free press. On the back cover of the menu it reads:

Every Thursday Night from 5:30-7:30
Come see Magical Balloon Dude Dale
Our Amazing Balloon Artist

The restaurant included pictures of me performing in their franchise brochure to help sell the restaurant birthday and field trip parties

The owner has decided to revamp their website and have added me to the main page. They have even gone as far as providing a link to my web site and created a slideshow of kids with balloons.

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