Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brochures – A tool that sells your service

If you are serious about restaurant entertainment, then you need to develop a brochure/flier about your restaurant entertainment.  A brochure is a powerful marketing tool, which will highlight key points in your restaurant sales presentation.  By providing the restaurant with a brochure, management can discuss, save and pass on your information to other potential customers.  You can use the brochure as an introduction to your service by mailing or delivering it to a prospective restaurant. This will give management an opportunity to call you before you solicit them for business. If you do visit a restaurant and talk with management, you can present them with the brochure for future consideration.  The restaurant may not be considering having any entertainment, but when the need arises, they will know to call you.

Brochures are also great to mail out as follow up reminder.  Let’s say that you have just solicited a restaurant and they have shown little interest.  The holiday season is approaching and you send them a brochure for a follow up.  At this point, all you are trying to do is keep your name and service in front of the restaurant management.  The more you do this, the better chance you have at receiving work form them: be it performing at the restaurant, referral for a private event, hiring for a grand opening/store anniversary or management moves to a new restaurant and pitches the idea to the new owner, they will have a brochure explaining your service.

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