Thursday, May 10, 2012

Developing a To-Go Flier

The goal in creating a to-go flier is to make a flier that is interesting, colorful and large enough to get the vital information across.  You want people to remove the to-go flier form the order and read it. Remember this is an advertisement for the restaurant and you.

I choose to use a 2 x 3 gird layout.  This would be large enough to place a season balloon sculpture, large text, week day & time of entertainment, restaurant name, website address and telephone number.  I would develop this material myself and take it to a local printer for quick color coping. I wanted color so it would be interesting and give customers something to read while eating. I would have the printer cut the flier to the proper size.  I learned it was more efficient to have the printer cut the filers. Cost was $2.00 per cut, but they were ready to distribute ASAP.

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