Thursday, June 21, 2012

To-Go Fliers Long Term

To-go fliers have a slow return in the beginning, but the repetitive ad on every to-go order will become familiar to the customers.  To make the advertisement effective, the customer must see the advertisement repetitively before they take action.  The customer, seeing the ad for weeks to months, will now respond and call for birthday parties, communions, block parties or company picnics.  If they don’t contact you directly, they call the restaurant for your information.

I once received a call from a lady looking to book me for her son’s first birthday.  She told me that I entertained at a restaurant that they visited.  She was so impressed with me that she kept my business card and told her husband that she was going to hire “Magical Balloon-dude Dale for their son’s first birthday.” It only took three years before she called to book me. She told me that my business card was in her wallet all that time.

Consider a minimum of six months for a to-go advertisement campaign to start working. If starting a to-go flier, consider budgeting for one year. Pay-offs will come in years to follow. Customers save restaurant menus. If your to-go flier is attached to a menu, then your ad will be seen every time the customer orders or is looking through their take out menus.  

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